We empower you to achieve
your wellbeing goals

Hey, Be Well! is a platform designed with a single purpose: to help you accomplish your wellbeing goals with the help of Specialists and Suppliers.

Why we don't
reach our

  • we lack the motivation

    Having skin in the game is a proven method of gaining a stronger sense of responsibility regarding the outcome of our actions. We’ve all had New Year’s resolutions that have been all forgotten by Valentine’s day...let’s do better!

  • we need professional help

    The Hey, Be Well! Goals are designed by specialists, for you to reach their goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

  • we don't know how

    Once a Goal has been picked, Hey, Be Well! makes sure you receive tailored, goal-specific content from specialists and influencers.

Get Inspired
Get support.
Get going!

work with
Specialists & Suppliers

Achieving our health goals requires a balance between rewards, support from specialists, and a supportive community.

This support can be in the form of a weekly review and planning, consulting, daily inputs or an active monitoring and support of your progress.

easy. fun.
structured. efficient.

Hey, Be Well! makes achieving your wellbeing Goals easy and rewarding. We give you the structure and all the support, you just focus on reaching your next milestone!

Get Structured
with Specialist

introducing Goals

A team of dedicated specialists are making sure that the Hey, Be Well! Goals are well structured and focus on guiding the user towards reaching the Goal in a healthy way.

each Step,
carefully designed by Specialists

Goals are designed by specialists for optimal, healthy and sustainable progress.

Once you start a Goal, you unlock access to a Goal-focused community, where you can find specialists and suppliers. During your journey towards achieving your wellbeing Goals, you'll have constant support available.

Stay Motivated!
Put some
Skin in the

introducing HEY

The HEY token’s main utility is as a personal accountability tool for Users that start Goals and an access tool, for updating their account to Premium.

earn HEY with every
Step you take towards
achieving your Goal

A complex Goal will be structured into milestones, in order to be easier to grasp and accomplish.

Every Milestone you reach unlocks a small portion of your staked HEY tokens, which you get back and can use in the platform.

Other Features
that Will Get
You Going

Donate HEY

Increase the bonus that your friends will receive when they achieve their Goal.

Goal focused Community

You will connect with Specialists, Suppliers, Influencers and other Users taking on the same Goal.

Support from Specialists

One-on-one sessions with Wellbeing Specialists will help and support you in achieving you Goals.

Connect to other health apps and wearable

A various array of new validation methods get unlocked when using wearables with HBW.

Premium Account and Special Features

Upgrade your account using your HEY tokens and enhance your experience.

Quality Content

Cultivating healthy habits and sticking to your Goal is easier when you have the know-how.

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